Cedar Raised Garden Beds: Elevate Your Gardening Experience

Cedar raised garden beds elevate your plants,

Tired of fighting weeds, soggy soil, and tough digging in your garden? Imagine garden beds that lift your plants, and your joy of gardening. Cedar raised garden beds are here to make gardening easy, convenient, and fun.


Made from strong Western Red Cedar, these cedar raised garden beds last a long time without rotting or getting eaten by bugs. They’re big, offering over 61 square feet of space for your favorite plants. This is great for growing lots of veggies, herbs, and colorful flowers.

The beds are 33.5 inches tall, with a fence made of wire mesh to keep critters out. They also have a door for easy reaching into your garden. This design means you can garden without hurting your back or knees.

With these elevated planting beds, you get better soil drainage, rich soil, and fewer pests. Imagine the happiness of working in these beautiful cedar planter boxes. They’re built to help your plants thrive and to make your gardening experience amazing.

Key Takeaways

  • Durable and long-lasting cedar raised garden beds made from premium Western Red Cedar
  • Spacious 61.3 square feet growing area in two size options: 12×8 feet or 8×12 feet
  • 33.5-inch height with wire mesh fencing for pest protection and easy access
  • Natural resistance to rot and pests, ensuring low maintenance
  • Ideal for growing vegetable garden beds, herbs, fruits, and flowers
  • Convenient garden bed kits for simple assembly and setup

Introduction to Cedar Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds change how you garden, lifting your experience in more ways than one. Choosing a cedar raised garden bed brings many benefits, not just for plants but for you too.

Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

One big plus of raised beds is their excellent drainage. They sit above the ground, letting water flow away. This helps avoid soggy soil and keeps your plants healthy. With raised bed gardening, you control the soil, picking the best mix for what you’re growing without changing what’s already there.

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These beds are also up high, which means less bending over. For anyone tired of bending or hard kneeling, it’s a welcome change that makes gardening easier and more enjoyable. Plus, it helps keep your back happy.

Why Choose Cedar for Raised Beds?

Cedar wood is a top pick for raised garden beds. It’s naturally tough and resists rot, lasting a long time. Its natural pest resistance keeps bugs away, protecting your garden bed. This means your bed stays looking good and working well for years.

Western Red Cedar, especially, has been highly valued for ages in the Pacific Northwest. Its strength against weather and beautiful look have stood the test of time. It’s a great choice for something that needs to be both strong and attractive.

Material Rot Resistance Pest Resistance Durability
Western Red Cedar Excellent Excellent Long-lasting
Pressure-Treated Wood Good Fair Moderate
Untreated Pine Poor Poor Short-lived

Choosing a cedar raised garden bed means you’re getting something that lasts. It’s also a green choice for garden lovers. Cedar doesn’t need harsh chemicals to stay strong, making it safer for growing food. It’s a healthier choice for you and the planet.

Cedar Raised Garden Bed Specifications

Looking for the right cedar raised garden bed dimensions? I’ve got two options for you. Pick the garden bed size that matches your space and gardening ambitions.

Dimensions and Growing Space

The first choice is a big 12-foot by 8-foot raised bed. The other is an 8-foot by 12-foot size. Both give you 61.3 square feet of space for your plants.

Material and Construction

These beds are made with care from top-notch 1.5-inch thick Western Red Cedar lumber. The cedar construction is strong and eco-friendly. It supports the use of sustainable wood too.

The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) ensures the wood’s quality. They make sure the cedar comes from well-managed sources in the Pacific Northwest.

Accessibility and Convenience

These raised beds make gardening easier than ever. They are designed for easy raised bed accessibility and easy access gardening. With an ergonomic garden design, they keep comfort and ease in mind.

Their height of 33.5 inches makes them perfect for avoiding bending or kneeling too much. This makes gardening much more fun.

Ergonomic Design for Easy Access

These raised beds are made to be comfortable while you plant, weed, or harvest. They come with wide double doors. The doors are either 46 inches or 30 inches wide, depending on the bed’s size. This makes it easy to get to your plants.

Pest Protection with Wire Fencing

The raised beds also protect your plants from pests with black wire mesh fencing. This fencing keeps out rabbits and dogs. But, it lets airflow through and allows you to see your plants. So, you can enjoy a good harvest without any trouble from pests.

Feature Description Benefit
Growing Bed Height 20 inches Minimizes bending and kneeling
Wire Panel Height 13.5 inches Provides pest protection
Total Height 33.5 inches Promotes ergonomic gardening
Door Width 46 inches or 30 inches Offers easy access to the interior
Wire Mesh Fencing Black, durable mesh Deters pests while allowing airflow

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

I love being an environmentally friendly gardener and I’m excited to talk about these locally made cedar raised garden beds. They are crafted with durable cedar wood in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. These beds show a dedication to sustainable gardening and using wood responsibly.

Locally Manufactured and Responsibly Sourced

These locally made products highlight the area’s commitment to being green. The Western Red Cedar is picked from certified places. This makes sure there’s really low harm to the environment and the forests are managed well.

Western Red Cedar: The Naturally Durable Choice

Choosing Western Red Cedar for garden beds is a smart move. It’s naturally sturdy and fights off decay. Plus, this natural wood product doesn’t need any harmful chemicals. So, it’s safe for the plants you want to eat. Picking these cedar beds lets me grow my garden in a way that’s good for the planet and for me.

Easy Assembly and Installation

These cedar raised garden beds shine with their simple setup. They offer quick setup for immediate gardening. With easy-to-follow instructions and all needed parts, you’ll be ready to plant in 3 to 6 hours, depending on experience.

Quick Setup for Immediate Gardening

The garden bed kits are designed for easy raised bed installation. They make it simple, no matter your skill. You can quickly move from setup to cultivating your garden dreams.

Professional Installation Services Available

Need more help or just don’t want to do it yourself? We’ve got you covered with professional installation services via YesKandu. This extra service ensures your setup goes smoothly, without any stress.

Installation Option Time Required Assistance Provided
DIY Assembly 3-6 hours Detailed instructions, all hardware included
Professional Installation 1-2 hours Experienced technicians from YesKandu On-Demand Home Services

Choose how you want to install it, and soon you’ll be loving your cedar raised garden bed. It’s the perfect start for an enjoyable gardening journey, tailored to your life.

Versatility in Gardening

These cedar raised garden beds are perfect for versatile gardening. They make it easy to grow a variety of fruits and veggies. If you love growing your food or enjoy fresh herbs, these beds will help your plants succeed.

Growing a Variety of Produce

The spacious cedar beds are great for many kinds of vegetables. You can grow leafy greens, root crops, or tomatoes and peppers easily. They’re also ideal for herbs, making your meals taste fresh and delicious.

And if you want something sweet, the beds are perfect for strawberries and other fruits. They even work for small fruit trees.

Customizable with Trellis Options

Adding trellises to these cedar beds gives you even more gardening choices. The trellises are strong and come in different sizes. They’re great for plants that climb, like cucumbers or peas, or for flowers that can grow up.

These trellises help you use your garden space in smart ways. You can plant more and create beautiful garden displays.

Trellis Length Suitable Plants Garden Customization
8 feet Pole beans, peas, cucumbers Ideal for compact gardens
12 feet Tomatoes, climbing roses, grapevines Versatile for various plant types
16 feet Runner beans, morning glories, jasmine Maximizes vertical space

These cedar raised beds let you customize your garden the way you want. They make your gardening dreams come true by fitting your needs and ideas perfectly.

Durability and Longevity of Cedar Raised Garden Beds

Cedar is a top pick for low-maintenance gardening and long-lasting raised beds. It beats other materials because of its cedar durability and cedar longevity. This wood is great for growing edible plants, it’s safe and good for the earth.

Comparing Cedar to Alternative Materials

Pressure-treated lumber can have harmful chemicals that seep into the soil. Cedar is a better, more natural choice for edible gardening. It naturally keeps away decay and pests, making it safer for your plants.

Material Lifespan Maintenance Environmental Impact
Cedar 20+ years Low Eco-friendly
Pressure-Treated Wood 10-15 years Moderate Potential chemical leaching
Untreated Pine 2-5 years High Susceptible to rot and insects

Maintenance and Longevity

Cedar is durable and needs little taking care. This feature saves time and work in the future. Your cedar raised garden bed can last with good upkeep.

As a lifelong gardener, I’ve tried various materials for raised beds, but nothing matches the enduring beauty and resilience of Western Red Cedar. It’s a true investment in your gardening journey. – Emily Stevenson, Master Gardener

A well-kept cedar raised garden bed is a smart choice for the long term. It saves money and lets you enjoy growing plants with less trouble. Cedar’s long life and decay resistance make it worth picking.

Cost Savings with Home Gardening

Investing in a cedar raised garden bed boosts your gardening joy and saves money. By growing your own produce, you cut reduce food costs. Plus, you avoid high store prices.

Reducing Grocery Expenses

Growing fresh fruits and veggies at home means you don’t need to buy them. This saves a lot over time. With a big harvest in your backyard, you get cheap, healthy food without going to the store.

Preserving and Canning Surplus Produce

Home gardening can lead to lots of extra fruits and veggies. You can make your harvest last longer by preserving and canning what you can’t eat right away. This is great for saving money and using all your food.

Preservation Method Suitable Produce Benefits
Canning Tomatoes, Pickles, Jams Long shelf life, retains nutrients
Freezing Berries, Vegetables, Herbs Preserves flavor and texture
Drying Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables Lightweight, shelf-stable storage

Using these ways to keep food can make your canning fruits and vegetables tasty all year. It helps you rely less on buying produce. This means more savings from your garden.

Shipping and Delivery

Buying a cedar raised garden bed means you get free shipping to serviceable areas in the US and Canada. We focus on making the delivery of your garden bed smooth for you.

Free Shipping to Serviceable Areas

We want you to be happy, so we offer free shipping raised beds to most parts of the US and Canada. You won’t pay extra for shipping, making it a cost-efficient choice for your gardening needs.

Tracking and Damage Inspection

You’ll know where your order is with our shipment tracking. This allows you to watch the journey of your order, ensuring it arrives well. Make sure you check for damages when it arrives. Look at the tracking numbers on the boxes and the items inside.

Should you spot any issues, getting help is easy. Just reach out to our customer support or the carrier. They will quickly help you, making your experience problem-free.

Delivery Timeline Continental U.S. Canada
Typical Delivery Time 4-8 business days 4-8 business days
Shipping Method Freight Shipping Freight Shipping
Damage Inspection Required upon arrival Required upon arrival

Warranty and Customer Support

Being a gardening fan, I totally get the value of top-notch products. They should work great and let you relax. Outdoor Living Today’s cedar raised garden beds do that. You get a limited warranty and quick response from their customer support team.

Limited Warranty Coverage

Outdoor Living Today backs their cedar raised garden beds with a 3-year limited warranty. It covers any issues from how they’re made. So, you can garden worry-free. If there are problems from the materials or how it was built, they’ll help fast.

Responsive Customer Care

If you find problems, like parts missing or broke, their customer care team is ready to help. They’re big on making customers happy. So, they jump to fix any questions or issues you might have when you’re ordering, getting it delivered, or putting it together.

Need help setting it up? Wondering how to keep it in shape? Or perhaps help with warranty stuff? Just a call or email, and their experts will guide you. They aim for a seamless gardening experience, from buying to enjoying your garden.

At Outdoor Living Today, building lasting ties with our customers means a lot. Our responsive customer service team helps you all the way. They make sure your cedar raised garden bed not only makes your garden better but also stays top-notch.


After learning about cedar raised garden beds, I see why getting one from Outdoor Living Today is smart. It’s great for those wanting to try elevated gardening and live a sustainable gardening lifestyle. These beds are made of top-quality Western Red Cedar. This makes them super strong, keeps pests away, and lets plants grow big.

Getting these Home garden investments means less strain on my body. They’re built for easy reaching. Also, they’re made close by and with care for the earth. This choice helps keep the environment better and can lower my grocery bill. Plus, seeing my plants grow and picking my own food is very rewarding.

For anyone wanting a garden that’s easy to keep up or who cares about the planet, these cedar raised garden beds are an excellent choice. They suit all my needs. And, because Outdoor Living Today is all about quality and looking after the planet, I feel good about starting my elevated gardening adventure.


What are the dimensions of the cedar raised garden beds?

Cedar raised garden beds are available in two sizes. You can get them in 12 feet by 8 feet or 8 feet by 12 feet. Both sizes give you a lot of room, with 61.3 square feet to grow your plants.

What is the height of the raised garden beds?

The height of the bed is 20 inches. Add the 13.5-inch wire panel, and it reaches 33.5 inches.

What material are the raised garden beds made of?

These beds are made from premium Western Red Cedar. This cedar is great because it lasts a long time and resists rot, bugs, and water damage.

Are these raised garden beds easy to assemble?

Yes, putting these cedar beds together is easy. They come with clear instructions and all the hardware you need. It usually takes 3 to 6 hours, depending on how handy you are.

Do the raised garden beds come with pest protection?

Yes, they include a black wire mesh fence for keeping pests away. It also lets air flow through and makes it easy to see your plants.

Where are the cedar raised garden beds manufactured?

These beds are made in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. They use Western Red Cedar from the Pacific Northwest. This cedar is certified for its responsible sourcing.

Are professional installation services available?

Yes, you can get them installed professionally. YesKandu On-Demand Home Services offers this option for an extra fee. It makes the process easy for you.

Can I grow various plants in these raised garden beds?

Yes, you can grow a wide range of plants in these garden beds. This includes vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers.

Are the raised garden beds shipped for free?

Yes, they come with free shipping in the mainland United States and Canada.

Do the raised garden beds come with a warranty?

Yes, Outdoor Living Today offers a 3-year limited warranty. It covers any issues with how the beds were made.


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